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totg_kabu's Journal

Andrew Urquhart
30 November
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I have a Herculean physique and a towering intellect, surpassed only by my vanity and ego.
I am a quasi-goth/metaler/geek/roleplayer with a thin veneer of morality and ethics stretched on top.
3d modeling, abc warriors, angel sanctuary, anime, ants, apotheosis, arachnids, archery, armour, arthur c clarke, artificial intelligence, babylon 5, bauhaus, blues, bodyart, books, boots, buffy, caffine, calypso, cartoons, cavalry sabres, chinese food, chocolate, classical, clothes, clothing, coffee, comics, computer games, computers, country, cyberpunk, durham red, dvds, earth dawn, edinburgh, electric six, electronic, escher, fantasy, flame of recca, folk, forests, front 242, gaming, godhood, goth, guns, h r geiger, halo jones, heavy cavalry sabers, historical, holyrood tavern, hunting, hydrolics, industrial, irn bru, japan, jazz, kabuism, kevin j anderson, knives, knowledge, kraftwerk, lace, larry niven, learning, leather, lex, lightwave, manga, metal, monty python, mp3s, music, mythology, neil gaiman, nemesis, period clothes, photoshop, physics, piercings, pneumatics, programming, progress, purple, ranma 1/2, rap, raymond e feist, reading, reggae, ren and stimpy, reptiles, robert heinlein, robert jordan, robots, rock, rogue trooper, roleplay, roleplaying, rpg's, rpgs, sabres, sandman, scanlations, sci-fi, science, science fiction, shadowrun, sluggy, stargate, steam, steam driven mice, survival, swords, tad williams, tattoos, techno, technology, tenchi muyo, terry brooks, terry goodkind, terry pratchett, the tick, tim burton, trance, umberto eco, useless information, velvet, victorian science, vikings, vnv nation, wagner, weapons, web design, wilderness, william gibson, women, world domination